Eye Exams

At Rowlands Opticians one of our friendly qualified optometrists will spend time with you establishing the reason for your visityour visual needs and requirements.

They will use modern equipment and their experience to assess the health of your eyes, calculate the power of your prescription, ensure the muscle comfort of your eyes and then explain the findings to you answering any questions you may have, before discussing any recommendations with you.

We want you to understand the tests you are receiving and the results so you are fully informed from start to finish about the health of your eyes

Our Optometrists provide both Private and NHS eye examinations.

If you do need Spectacles
Our Dispensing staff will help you choose a great frame that suits you, fits properly and is appropriate for your lens choice and prescription. They will explain about the options for lenses, thinner, aspheric, tints or transitions, coatings, single vision, office lenses, bifocals or varifocals to ensure you get the spectacles that are right for you.

We have a large range of frames from designer, mid-range and value for money options, all of which are are great quality.

Just some of the Eye & General Health Conditions we check for during an examination

Cataract– when the lens inside your eye looses its transparency causing blurring and glare.
Glaucoma– if left untreated this can lead to damage of the optic nerve associated with raised intra-ocular pressure. There is a strong family link with this condition.
Dry AMD– Age-Related Macular Degeneration, the central vision gradually looses its clarity.
Wet AMD– Age-Related Macular Degeneration, more rapid loss of central vision associated with visual distortion.
Signs of Diabetes– small leaks and bleeds from the blood vessels within the eye.
Signs of High Blood Pressure– characteristic changes of the blood vessels within the eye.
Myopia (Short Sighted)- blurred far vision.
Hyperopia (Long Sighted)- blurred or strained near vision.
Astigmatism– power required at a particular angle.
Presbyopia– reading difficulty as a result of normal ageing process.
Prisms– help direct the two eyes to work comfortably together.